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Focused on the non-scientist, SciFEX is a service that delivers state of the art information to executives, investors and board members involved in the life science, biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical sectors. Unlike consultants and internal technical experts that have vested interests in their information sharing SciFEX delivers knowledge independently through private, confidential discussion thereby allowing for better executive decision making.

​Key decision makers in scientific and medically related businesses are often trained in non-technical disciplines like business and finance.  Or alternatively, scientific and medically trained business executives find themselves increasingly removed from the fast paced advances occurring.  Information gathered through day-to-day activities and colleagues finds these individuals relying substantially on the technical expertise and perspective, not always unbiased, of others. In addition, the advice of such experts is most often communicated in highly technical terms problematic for the non-scientist to adequately understand. As a result there is an increased risk of poor decision making due to incomplete technical knowledge by the individual responsible for the decision at hand.


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