Educational Reviews and Update Services​

SciFEX provides an educational service that can be utilized by non-scientific key decision makers to improve their technical understanding of the sector in which they serve.  The individual’s knowledge is augmented by one-on-one discussions and/or delivery of materials in the areas relevant to their need.  SciFEX is independent and impartial to the individual customer’s business in its presentation of relevant knowledge focusing on increasing access to factual information while refraining from consultative influence.  

One-on-one discussions

Often managing academic, scientific and physician Key Opinion Leaders has been referred to as "hearding cats."  A frustrating experience and one difficult for the executive to manage when playing outside one's professional expertise.

SciFEX will work with the executive in private one-on-one conversations to augment the knowledge base important to understanding and participating in the topic at hand.  No games, no politics, no egos, just enthusiastic topical information exchange.

Research and Reporting

No time to read a mountain of technical documents, many conflicting and new references weekly? Have a Board of Directors meeting or Key Opinon Leader introduction but unsure of what he/she does?

SciFEX will prepare easily readible and digestable bullet point heavy reports on either customer directed references or independently build a database for the busy executive.

Seminars and Retreats

Organizations are challenged every day to survive and prosper.  However there are critical times when the company is faced with an uncertain path. Whether this be defining the companies product portfolio or evaluating technology transfer its time to come together.

SiFEX can organize meetings to educate and bring up to date the non-scientific executives of an organization with the science, medicine and  technologies appropriate to their sector's interest.

Short term or long term engagement

Executive teams faced with the rapidly changing and highly technical nature of their business's sector are in danger of falling further and further behind due to the pressure of maintaining their own executive positions responsibilities, i.e. fiscal, managerial, personnel.

SiFEX can track and keep materials up to date for both one on one conversations and in written report format.